Diabetes Camp

This Diabetes Camp in Northern California at Camp McCumber is sponsored by the Lions’ Health Foundation (a 501-C3 foundation) of District 4-C1, a non-profit service organization.  The foundation is dedicated to providing fun and educational camping experiences for youth with health challenges, who would otherwise be denied the privilege.

How did this camp get started?

The Diabetes and Mobile Health Unit Foundation was formed with efforts by Ken and Ann Eaton, Buck Pryde, and many others in the late 1970’s. In 1988 the Camp for kids with Diabetes started and for many years we had 20 – 35 campers along with the appropriate staff of counselors, nurses, doctors, and administration.

The Mobile Health Unit was a service to the district. Ken Eaton paid the up-front money and the Humanitarian Foundation helped pay for it. In 2000 the Hearing Foundation joined the Diabetes and Mobile Health Foundation and the name was changed to “District 4-C1 Health Foundation” and the Mobile Health Unit was sold and the Diabetes Camp has been in full swing, as the District started to build cabins and improve the facilities to accommodate more campers. We conduct our camps at Camp McCumber, located about 7 miles east of Shingletown on Highway 44.

Medical Staff at Diabetic Camp McCumberOur Camp for Children with Diabetes has been very successful. In recent years we have increased the number of campers to about 65, which with an almost one to one ratio of staff, is about the maximum we can handle. Gridley Lion PDG Bob Trueax is the member of our board responsible for the camp.

Goals of the Lions Diabetes Camp for kids in Northern California at Lake McCumber:

  • Teach campers they can be like other youth and have fun!
  • Empower campers to become responsible for individual control of their health program.
  • Enable youth to meet and share their experiences with other youth with diabetes.
  • Provide a safe, healthy and enjoyable camp experience.

Medical Staff

Our 24 hour medical staff of Doctors, CDEs, and at least one Nurse for each cabin, monitor diet and supervise insulin administration and blood sugar testing. Diabetes education activities assist campers in becoming responsible for their individual health programs.

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