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Global Pandemic?  No Problem!  You just can’t keep a good camp down. Although there is no doubt that holding camp in person will always be our first choice, we also believe that it’s entirely possible to have fun and make connections virtually when being together physically isn’t an option.

In June, 2020, as we were unable to hold in person camp due to COVID-19, we held our first Virtual Diabetes Camp.  With nearly 60 participants, the camp was a huge success.  In light of continuing  COVID-related concerns regarding the health and safety of our campers and staff, we will once again be holding camp virtually in 2021.  The dates are set for July 11th – 17th.  We can’t wait to see you all there!

So how do you plan a Virtual Camp?

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106108690_10214237004233690_8078122426283298086_oIt’s simple, really.  You take all the best parts of in person Diabetes Camp at Lake McCumber and find a way to make them possible from a distance.  Our Virtual Diabetes Camp includes daily games, crafts, and activities.  And of course no camp would be complete without campfires, movie night, and plenty of delicious snacks, so we throw those in too.  We even include our well-loved tradition of a holding a dance on the final night of camp.  Campers can access all activities from the safety of their own homes, and there is no cost to participate!

What are campers and parents saying about Virtual Camp?


Brayden Battle, camper, reported, “The funnest thing was making the Iron Chef video on how to cook Mac and Cheese.”

Brayden’s mom, Michaela Battle, said, “I think it made all of our hearts happy here to see Brayden laughing and enjoying the campfire time. So glad he was able to connect with some of his camp friends and have some silly fun.”

Michaela Mundt, a long-time camper turned counselor states, “I really enjoyed Virtual Camp McCumber overall, but my favorite part was seeing the posts or Zoom videos of people who had not been able to attend camp over the last few years due to conflicts.”


Cheryl Speights, mother of twin campers said, “They were so sad when camp was cancelled. We really appreciated the effort you put in to make the week fun even though they couldn’t be there in person.”

Lauren Castellon, another camper turned counselor, captured the true value of holding Virtual Camp when she said, “I was so happy camp was able to take place in some capacity during all this craziness. It gave me a reason to smile and laugh during a hard time, as well as reconnect and check in with my camp family.”


Sierra Cox, counselor, stated, “One thing I am most proud of about Camp McCumber’s diabetes camp is the adaptability of both staff and campers. No time was that more evident than this year’s virtual camp. There is always a lot of work that goes into putting camp together. Virtual camp was no exception to this, the work was just different. When you are adaptive and resilient anything is possible. This year’s camp was just another shining example of that.”

Scroll through our photo gallery below or visit our Facebook page at Camp McCumber Type 1 Diabetes Camp  to check out the fun of Virtual Camp 2020!

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